Rathenau Institute and TU Delft successfully attended the NWO Teknowlogy Festival

On November 8th, the 2nd TEKNOWLOGY – NWO Innovation Festival was held in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. “TEKNOWLOGY is the Dutch festival where technology, science, innovation and valorisation meet. At TEKNOWLOGY visitors are shown the technical innovations of the future and how Dutch science is prepared for it.” During this event, Maria Freese and Simon Tiemersma (both Delft University of Technology) as well as Michelle Habets and Lilian van Hove (both Rathenau Institute) presented the idea of the T-TRIPP project to interested conference attendees. Furthermore, they conducted two gamestorms. Those who participated in these workshops had the chance to develop their own (serious) games. In sum, all participants worked on very creative ideas for a game on regulatory issues in the biotechnology domain. The participants enjoyed the interactive structure of the workshops and gave fruitful feedback for the further development of a serious game within the T-TRIPP project.