Succesful presentation at the International Conference on Systems Biology

From Saturday October 27th to November 1st, the 19th International Conference on Systems Biology was held in Lyon, France. During this conference, hundreds of people working in the field of systems biology came together to discuss current research, and exchange knowledge and ideas. During this conference, Britte Bouchaut presented the results of her first study conducted within T-TRIPP, focusing on the meaning of concepts such as safety, risks, and inherent safety by different actors working within the biotechnological innovation chain. During her talk, she elaborated on the different perceptions of these concepts, what causes these differences, and why it is important that the focus should be on bridging the gap between researchers, policy makers, and society within this field in order to get these differences in perception in line with each other. The presentation was received very well by the audience, which led to valuable input and feedback for the T-TRIPP project.